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Inspirational histories: No rulebook for flirting

I can only resume this experience in one word: nostalgia. No for the gays flirting over a game board (ok, a little bit too), but for seeing them playing all those games that I used to spend hours with, back in my time with the Granja de Gandalf (Gandalf’s farm). Marathonian nights and preparation hours for the games, that somehow now look so far.


Putting the homesickness aside, because I guess you haven’t home to this blog for that, the history is well made. The characters are adorable, from the style incompetent Gabriel to the almost first Love innocence of Aitor. I just want to hug them and is a pleasure to see how they get to know each other over total freak games.

This novelette has two transgenders and one, at least, bisexual (even though not openly said), that bring a bigger visibility to their community without falling in stereotypes.

Despite explicit sex never being my thing, I must say that Laura has written them with grace. Especially since she brings in what I consider n important part of it, which usually gets forgotten in the plot: CONSETMENT. Gabriel asks constantly if it’s okay to do that, o if he’s allowed to do the other. They are both respectful in that sense, and is something that has sank in my heart.

And results are noticeable (WARNING SPOILERS). Two days after meeting they are already behaving like a married couple. Because…they talk about things!!


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